Sunday, January 12, 2014

Math in My Future

As I was sewing on the first border I had a thought...probably would have been better to measure the pieced second border before adding the first border. It was a good thought...just should have happened earlier in the process.

Here's where I am at.
I've added the first border which is the navy blue batik. Now the pieced border is 3/4 of an inch too short. (There are coordinating corner blocks).

Up to this point I had no issues with the pattern directions...they were great! Here's how the directions say to handle the joining of these two borders, "Adjust seams of pieced border if needed." Hysterical!

So I am having some dark chocolate and coffee while I contemplate a solution that will hopefully not involve a seam ripper. I actually have enough navy batik to cut another border plus a dark brown batik that was included for the leaf appliques that I decided to do without. Ultimately I will be required to do math...darn! I bought a kit so I wouldn't have to do math...or thinking.


Sharon said...

That is the same reason why I buy kits...I hope that someone else has done all the figuring. Good luck with the adjustments.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I normally do not buy kits as I usually don't care for either the pattern or the fabric - sometimes I really like the fabric and buy the kit but I don't like the pattern - but I wanted the fabric and it was priced on sale LOL
What I would do is go back in and take out several seams and make the seams less than a 1/4 inch on about 4 or 5 pieces or less if it would make the length match what you would need.

Vicki W said...

You are making me very excited to get my version started. I got the fabric dyed and will iron it today. Maybe I can start this week!

Cathy said...

Can you cut a sliver off of each of the navy borders to make them smaller? That way you don't have to do any ripping or any re-sewing.

Lorna said...

Debbie: Awesome Lone Star. Bummer about the border not fitting though. But everything is clearer when one eats dark chocolate huh :)

Suz J said...

Don't you just hate crappy instructions regardless of whether they are in a kit or not? I had one that just gave approximate measurements for the borders - rounded up to the nearest inch. I agree with Cathy and suggest trimming back your navy border so that it's the correct size. But then, that's me :0)