Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Meet the New Girl

Today was a play-date for me and Christelle. I think I am a vintage machine hoarder in the making. How could I leave that poor machine to sit alone and unloved in a French thrift shop?

Here's the new girl...she needs a name.
Meet Sabine.

Christelle and I got another great work out hauling this machine, which weighs 30 pounds, up and down all the stairs for our subway ride. We had to switch trains twice to get to my apartment. Even with a cart I could not have done it without another person. The Paris metro system is not handicap friendly! I feel for young mothers with strollers...I don't know how they do it!

Here is the case...very good condition and with a key to lock it on...though you can't trust that lock!

 It's not a 15-91 but a  15B88
Here's my French manual. Christelle gave me a quick run through!

On the back of the manual was a date, Friday 10 June, 1959...who knows what that is about?

 A power converter came with it but it gets very warm....hmmm...not so sure about that.

Sabine works...she isn't gear driven but has a new belt that is a little loose...have to figure how to handle that problem! She needs some cleaning and oiling. Christelle tried to talk the thrift shop owner down on the price but since this was a return visit, this gal knew she had me!

I went to take off the face plate for further inspection but realized I have no tools here in Paris...not even a screw driver. This living in two countries has its disadvantages sometimes!


Christelle said...

Oups, yes I went to check on mine it more work to take off the front plate then on the FW (only one screw). Here the tension thing is on the way... I have to figure that out also!
I hink the FW is going to be call Lilas (Lilac) as we went Mairie des Lilas to find her :)
I can't see the year but the date might be when the previous owner got the machine? "Ecritures" means "writting" but it looks like a kid grabed a piece of paper to writte on.

blQZNchvjtX0WMp7Wznt7KJOfA3LZ1LpNn0- said...

Good job !!
Do we give a name to our vintage machine ?
Hummm...so it will be Rosie for my FW !! :)
And Minnie for another one !!
Congratulations Debbie for this purchase !!
But take care because we are addicted to vintage machines.....

Cécile said...

Heu....it's Cécile who wrote this next message !!!

Cécile said...

Not the next ! Grrrr...the second message :)

Carla Eldridge said...

Sabine is beautiful!! Obviously she needed to be with you which made the two trains and all the stairs worth the effort <3

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

cool! sounds like you need to get a little tool kit going in Paris :) that she is one pretty machine and case.

Cocopatch said...

welcome to Sabine! it's the model of my grandmother's sewing machine! i think you can find the manual in english...

NancyA said...

Oh, she is beautiful! and the case--very nice. Enjoy.

Donna quilts said...

What a great find! Such a beautiful case for her.