Sunday, January 12, 2014

Design Wall Monday

I have proven, without a doubt, when confronted with a math problem...pull out the dark chocolate. I appreciate the helpful suggestions to my dilemma. What you couldn't see was the piece of brown batik included in the kit for leaf appliques that I hadn't touched. There was just enough fabric (and I mean just enough!) to add two narrow borders. Now it looks like this was the plan all along!

This solution only required me to rip out four, three-inch seams so I could add a section to each of the checkerboard lengths. The final size is 67" square. That's five inches wider than the original design. The pattern also comes with directions for a queen-sized version. Except for the border problem, the pattern was excellent. The border lengths were not cut ahead of time...just the widths which is where I ran into my problem. I like that the instructions called for borders using the length of the fabric...I prefer it that way...less stretch to the lengthwise grain.

I am very happy with the final flimsy...this is going to fit perfectly in my Alaska home entryway!

Hubby gets back to Paris today. I am anxious to see how much of the stuff I ordered for my quilting and embroidery projects actually made it into his suitcase. He was so busy while in Alaska that we hardly spoke on the phone so I didn't get to nag/remind him to bring my stuff.

Next up is some time spent on UFOs. Top stitching fusible appliques. of those Alaska-theme quilts. I'm going to start with grey...or is it gray...thread.

So I had to google that grey vs gray thing. 
Gray with an "a" is the American spelling.
Grey with an "e" is the English spelling.
Now we all know!

And as embroidery projects are slowly progressing. I'm working on a set of ornaments to match a stocking. I have lots of little lights to add around all the ornaments.

One more thing...the French attitude. I had a few comments from my post about fabric shopping  in Paris and customer service. I just wanted to say...I don't think it has much to do with my being an American when I have a snooty encounter in Paris...French waiters can be just as snooty to their French customers! I find a glass of wine helps my outlook on most every situation, dark chocolate if it is earlier in the day.


Christelle said...

Yes grey and gray, neighbour Uk and neighbor US
I learn a of those because of Richard's English teacher she accepted only the Brit spelling....

Did you ever see someone in a shop with a "Can I help you" No it would be too hypocritical L0L

So, no nothing related with your nationality, I would say it was more the part of the town.
The other shop lady just couldn't imagine someone living in Paris and not missing it deeply once gone.
I'm sure she never went out of her suroundings, she didn't even speak a word of English which is rare. And she was snoothy.... until she realize that my coat was the same brand that she was selling ...

Anonymous said...

Your star is stunning...I love it like that !! Fabrics are so gorgeous....Bravoooo !

Donna quilts said...

Yes, stunning is the word for your quilt! I think that the two inner brown borders were an excellent idea and "soften" the transition from the dark border to the paler checkerboard.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I really like the two skinny borders they really add something to the quilt I think.
Chocolate helps everything :)
I have noticed here in the states that depending on the store some places give you a lot of help and others don't - some shops have very unpleasant people working in them.

kellsgal said...

Love how your quilt turned out. The borders are perfect! :)

Lynette said...

LOL! So, is that why the French drink so much wine? ;D

I can't believe how gorgeous you flimsy is with the extra borders in there - soooo perfect!

Lori S said...

What a great solution to your border issues. It looks great. I can't believe how quickly this came together! I agree, chocolate helps solve many a quilting dilemma!

Vicki W said...

Your quilt turned out great! I started cutting mine out today.

Cocopatch said...

your star is beautifull!! the border is original!