Friday, May 16, 2014


This is the view just outside my sewing studio...

How is anyone in Alaska supposed to get work done when the weather is so incredible? I have been wearing sundresses everyday...thank goodness I bought a few for my upcoming Bali trip! Normal May attire would be jeans, long sleeved T-shirt and a sweatshirt with a coat on hand just in case! I feel like we have moved to Northern California.

We went for a little " Super Cub Excursion," yesterday. For those who are not pilots or living among pilots...a Super Cub is a small's like riding in a flying Volkswagon Bug.

Here's my private pilot, hubby Bryan.

We went to Talkeetna to have lunch with our son, Zack. Zack is working as a bush pilot instructor all this summer in Talkeetna.  Here's the downtown landing strip for Talkeetna.

Yep...not as many amenities as Charles de Gaulle airport in France but it works!

Talkeetna is a great little community. Most would consider it about the size of a rest stop.

This is one of the town's hotspots. Nagley's store and the West Rib Bar and Restaurant have been featured on several travel shows. Man vs. Food ate a ridiculous concoction of meat on a bun at this place called "Seward's Folley."

We ate at one of my favorite places in the world...Mountain High Pizza Pie.

A half order of the chicken pesto flatbread sandwich. They make their own breads...grow their own veggies for wonderful salads. Simple but great food!

There were a few new food places...the Mexican Moose had cinnamon roasted almonds and pecans. They smelled so good we had to get some of those. Hadn't seen a moose in a sombrero until yesterday.

At the far end of Talkeetna's main street you will find the banks where the Susitna and Talkeetna Rivers meet. It was a hazy day but in the distance is the Alaska Mountain Range with Mt. McKinley. 

Talkeetna is the place where Mt. McKinley mountain climbers meet up to fly to base camp. It is also where lots of people come to fish for salmon. I think May is the main mountain climbing season but it is just a little early for the King Salmon...the first species to draw fishermen to the area.

These are the kind of moose I would welcome in my yard...

A view of the Susitna River from the plane...lots of that lovely Alaska silt to see for mile after mile!

Can you spot the little fishing boat on the right bank?

Fairly typical remote cabin.

All too soon...back to civilization...Anchorage.

Back home view from our driveway...

I never get tired of looking at the mountains that surround us.


Suz J said...

Wow amazing photos Debbie. I forgive you for not having a token quilt photo... but only because of that Mexican Moose sign... what a hoot! Looks like a great adventure was had by all.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

that is so wonderful to see thanks for the tour - I love this kind of country and I'm afraid I would take it over Paris any day of the week. I know most of the time the weather is much colder than it has been you must be so glad of that - love the painted moose.

PeggyinNO said...

You live in the most beautiful state!! I love Alaska, been twice and would love to go again! Have relatives in Seward.
Love that Mexican moose. What a hoot!! Enjoy your warm weather!

Christelle said...

I love the moose but Jluc prefers the plane ;)