Wednesday, May 7, 2014


 I had an exciting day. My handyman showed up this morning and pointed out the moose taking a nap in my neighbor's yard. I figured as soon as the leaves showed would the animals.

He finally got hungry and decided to get up for a snack.

Had to stop to scratch an itch.

He heard me cursing the mosquitoes that were swarming me while I was playing photographer.

Projects that have been ongoing for months were completed today. My concept of an entertainment center went from this...

Blue tape on the wall outlining the size and this beauty.

I also had another shelving unit built to fit in a stairway. (This photo was taken before the steps were stained and the slate was coated with a color enhancer.) 

It still needs front doors to cover the two bottom shelves but I can start filling it up! There is a piece of glass mounted in the triangular first. Not having a handrail is unsafe/not up to code, but I'm keeping it that way unless I can design a removeable is much too cramped to move furniture up and down those stairs even without a handrail.

I also got my teeth cleaned and attended a Jazzercise class. I'm pooped! I pick up my husband very early tomorrow. He gets to visit for a couple of weeks.


audrey said...

I can't imagine having a moose in my yard, so interesting! Love the new remodeling.:)

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I bet you were glad to see the moose - now you know you are back in Alaska! Love seeing how the house is going - hope you find a railing for the stairs that you can use - I took a tumble on some stairs that hand none and injured myself, if I had a railing to grab I doubt I would have. But of course to each there own :)