Thursday, May 1, 2014


I am inside working on painting baseboard heat units...

...when it looks like this outside my windows.

This is "capris weather." Temps are getting into the 60s...inconceivable for May 1st!

Those house projects keep getting in the way. My mudroom cupboards were installed the last day I was home in November. I finally got around to cleaning all the sawdust from installation and putting everything away. Then I had to clean the light fixtures that were full of bugs. I learned, via the internet, how to very easily get the plastic cloud covers off my lights. From the center of the light, grab the fixture on each side and press in the center with your thumbs and the whole plastic piece flattens out like magic and comes right off. 

Notice there is a quilt that has also been hung on the right wall of the mudroom. It's more than just decorative...

It is inconceivable that our builder in 2012 couldn't find a better way or place to put our fuse boxes and internet/phone/cable lines...but he didn't. 

Here's another angle of the beautiful quilt that hides a secret...kind of like a safe hidden behind a painting.


The weather forecast says we have five days of these clear blue skies and temps in the 60s. At least the next project can be moved outside for me to work on, sanding and sealing this simple headboard with some danish oil.

I did hang another quilt while I had my drill out for the mudroom. (Yes, I have my own tools that I store in the laundry room...they are just right for a lady's smaller hands...and not grimy from being used and stored in a garage.) My sewing room now has a little quilt decoration.

I did do a little bit of hand quilting last night. My fingers got tired so I didn't get very far.

I was just waiting for May 1st to make my first plant purchase of the season...six gorgeous bleeding the chartreuse leaf color of this new-to me variety.

Two each will go in these huge planters...just as soon as I get the slate tile added to the fronts. (Inconceivable...another house project!)

I have no idea what other plants I'm adding to these planters...they are huge and I am going to try some shrubbery and see if they survive the winter in them. 


Cathy said...

Ok, now that's just weird. It's warmer in Alaska than it is in Southern Ontario!! I love your method of hiding those boxes. It's a perfect solution.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

you are one busy gal! I don't have a whole tool box of my own but I keep several screw drivers, wire cutter, and pliers in a kitchen drawer - I keep forgetting to pick up a smaller size hammer to stick in that drawer too.
Nice hanging that quilt over the things you don't want to see on the wall - keep on having the nice weather so you can get all your redecorating done.

Caroline Ingalls said...

Second year in a row: you have a beautifull spring and it's just raining cats & dogs here... and cold!
It's so bad that I might need an other trip by the end of the month to get some sun somewhere!