Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sunday Stitching

Finished the hand quilting. Still a bit of hand sewing left to stitch the pocket in place. I'll make it a goal to sew the stocking together this week!

Finished another santa ornament..."Wrapping Presents."

I'm going to start another series of santa ornaments from Mill Hill...this time a set of Jim Shore designs. 

I had a decorative button split on me from a quilt...has anyone had this experience? I am thinking of just gluing it back's worth a try!

I'm working on borders for my Batiki Arglye quilt. Still loving it.


Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

I would try glueing, like you say it is worth a try. Love your argyle quilt wonderful colors and the border looks great.

Caroline Ingalls said...

The border looks great I like it!
Long story short.... Chritine is going to study in Venice one year. She is happy... Jluc too...I'm not shopping this summer :)

Quilter Kathy said...

I would glue the button... it should work.
Love the argyle quilt!
Enjoy your slow stitching today!

Deb A said...

Your Argyle quilt is beautiful. Love the colors.

Jill @ Happy2Stitch said...

The Jim Shore cross stitch is very nice. Fine stitches and I like the touch of beading.

Suz J said...

Amazing Xmas projects as always! Yip, I've had a button break. It was one where there weren't enough in the container at the shop, so I bought the sample one off the top lid. Probably where the wire went through it had weakened it - so as soon as I tried to do anything with it, it split. I glued it together, and used it in a place where it was not functional. You should be fine for an ornament.