Friday, May 30, 2014

Bali - Ubud Wanderings

Our day started with the villa staff arriving to make our breakfast...I could get used to this!

We decided to indulge ourselves right away in a spa experience. The spa sent a driver for us. 

We each got a massage, facial and manicure which cost us 380,000 Indonesian Rupiah which was about $35 US! This was our room with three massage tables for our three-hour session.

Our massages left us covered in various substances. I had a sea salt scrub. My friends had a Green Tea Scrub and Javanese royal treatment that had a yogurt base. We wound up in the tub for a twenty minute soaking. 

We wandered the shops of Ubud and had a little lunch before having the driver return us to our villa. We've had some great meals here...lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Our first evening we ate at Indus. Chicken Sate is one of the staples here.

I had a very spicy noodle soup with lots of fresh ginger...soo good!

This was a trio of rice, green beans and a beef stew served with a flat bread.

The sites are non-stop. There are temples everywhere for this Hindu culture.

I forgot to show the most important person we have met so far...our driver, I Wayan Naja. "I Wayan," means Naja is the first born son. He has a wonderful car with great air conditioning. He met us at the airport. You can see one of my traveling companions, Erin, on the on the right. He pretty much takes us everywhere we want to go.

Time to get back to the vacation schedule.


Bonnie Melielo said...

Oooooh, I love fresh ginger!! Food pics are great! Spa experience sounds amazing, at an amazing price!!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

the food looks great - and the spa wow - what a price!

Donna quilts said...

It sounds wonderful!