Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hanging Out in the Studio

Lots of projects underway in my studio. I am stitching (by hand) wool felt backings to cross stitch ornaments I have made in the past year. All of these ornaments are stitched on perforated paper. The directions call for gluing a piece of felt to the back side but since I have been doing this for a few years...I know the gluing option does not holdup to the test of time. Now I stitch the felt to the piece, going every-other hole in the paper as I stitch the outline of the ornament. Then I trim the felt. I use regular 1/8-inch sating ribbon to make a hangar. A nice chenille needle works best to pull the ribbon through the backside of the felt. 

This photo shows all the steps.

All adorable!

I'm at least 30 hours into quilting my latest top. Midarms aren't the fastest machines! My best guess is I am two-thirds through the quilting design.

I still have these blue areas to work out a design original plan just isn't going to work when actually stitched. That happens a lot of the time...drawing and stitching are very different!

I have found two vintage Bucilla kits on eBay at prices I was willing to accept. I can only think of one other vintage kit I am still looking for..."Rock 'n Roll Santa." 

I had a trip to the dermatologist today to get planters warts on my heels frozen. I know this is too much information!!! But...I can't stand at my quilting machine today because my heels hurt too much so I will work on my Disappearing Hour Glass. 

I am planning to use 30 blocks, 5 X 6 layout with a small inner border of my background fabric and a 5" to 6" outer border which will make the quilt about 70" x 80". 

A bit bigger than lap-size but far from being king-size.


Donna quilts said...

You have been busy! I love your Christmas ornaments - so much work in them. I had plantar warts frozen on the ball of my foot years ago and boy, did it ever hurt - but eventually they did go away.

Ramona said...

What a great idea for your ornaments. I don't cross stitch much anymore,but I will remember this. I really enjoy making the Bucilla kits and have made several, too. Love your Disappearing Hour Glass quilt. Hope your heels heal quickly.

Cathy said...

I saw those cross stitch ornaments in your picture, and immediately had to impulse to go check them out. I was thinking, "wouldn't it be fun to do one for the kids each Christmas......" After looking at the kits, I had a hit myself on the side of the head moment, when I started to wonder where I would find the time to actually do them once I ordered them. I'll content myself with admiring yours! LOL