Sunday, September 21, 2014

So Many Decisions

I just checked in with Bèa's blog, Une Aiguille dans une Botte de Foin, or  The Needle in a Haystack and she has a wonderful post for the Around the World Blog Hop. She wrote it in English and French and has so many wonderful pictures of her quilts. You must check it out!

I am stressed trying to figure out what to take to Paris. I want to ship a box this week. So far I have four jars of extra chunky peanut butter. This is just for one year! My husband and I probably each eat three or four tablespoons of peanut butter adds up! Tastes great on a slice of baguette.

Here's my overflowing basket of projects to take. This is really just stitchery projects. I actually believe I will get everything done in this basket. It will be fun to see if I really do!

Deciding on the fabric and quilt projects is proving to  be extremely difficult...I just can't make up my mind and I want to be realistic! I finished five tops last year and I already have three UFOs in Paris I plan to tackle. I want to take 10 new quilt projects with me! 

While pondering...I did finish tacking the felt backings on the last few cross stitch ornaments I made this year. I completed 19 ornaments since November 2013. Time to pack these away in acid-free tissue paper. One of these days we will be home in Alaska for Christmas and I will probably have enough for a cross-stitch only tree. They will be so pretty mixed with shiny colored Christmas ball ornaments. 

I had several coupons for JoAnn's that were about to expire so I bought magazine's for the airplane flights.

I absolutely love the Quilt Sampler cover quilt...but I'm not reading any of these until I am sitting on a plane.

I also picked up this book...because I love borders.

I spent about $50 at JoAnn's but with all my coupons I saved $92. I bought a few other things; tracing paper, markers and needles. Amazing how quickly it all adds up.

I got a great email from Netflix a couple of weeks French. I think it said Netflix is now available in France...just hope I can get it in English. Just in case...I'm taking a couple of DVDs. I really enjoyed the first season of, "Mr. Selfridge." I didn't watch the second season this spring on purpose. No idea if I will like "The White Queen." Definitely chick flicks.

I still haven't made any decisions about the quilt projects...

I almost forgot...I had some visitors today!!!

Can you see all three? There is a baby in front and behind the mother moose. They were at the end of my driveway for some time. When I opened the front door to take a picture the mama moose gave me a serious look. I decided to let them be...more people are seriously hurt by moose than bears in Alaska.

Then a little while later I spotted the babies on the backside of our house. Both of these huge "babies" were born this spring/summer. It is tough for both babies to make it past the first month of life...bears really like baby moose chops...I think the mama moose did an extremely good job of protecting her babies!

Apparently something on the ground was so intriguing this one had to kneel down to check it out. Such goofy animals! 

The other one headed over too.

I never saw the mom again but I didn't get off my deck...just in case she was watching.

Back to contemplating which quilt projects to pack.


Cathy said...

I can't even begin to imagine how hard it would be trying to decide what projects to take to work on maybe 3 or 4 months from now. We've been watching a really good series on netflix lately, called Foyle's War. Takes place in England during WW2, and it's a mystery series. Have you seen any of the Call the Midwife series?

Béa said...

Thanks for your nice presentation, I am so disapointed that no french bloggers would follow...
And thank for sharing your incredible neighbourhood !

Ramona said...

Wow.. trying to make the decision of what quilting projects to take for 6 months would be very difficult. It would keep me organized, though! I love your cross stitched ornaments. Where do you find the patterns?

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I was nominated for the around the world thing and I'm having a hard time getting anyone to respond! everyone I would have asked has already done it.
Love the moose, it would be so hard to decide what to take you are doing a good job of it looks to me.
other than peanut butter what do you really need to take that you can't find there I wonder?

Suz J said...

Somehow I managed to miss this post. The peanut butter made me laugh - we seem to go through a jar in about two weeks (also because we have a cleaning product called Jiff, which I don't think you'd want to mix up). Which are your favourite US magazines? I enjoy reading different ones, but they are often so hard (and expensive) to get hold of.