Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Two Weeks

Time to enter the Panic Mode. In two weeks I leave for Paris. 

I am officially done quilting on my Nolting until next spring. I'm so frustrated it will be six months or more before I get back to it. No sunshine, but I did click a quick photo of my final finish of the season.

One last Breakfast Club to attend on Thursday. I spent all day making the borders for the Disappearing Hour Glass quilt we started working on in August. I bought a matching Bali Pop and went with a piano key border. It's the volcano colorway.

Sunday I attended the Anchorage Log Cabin Quilters annual show. Here are just a few of my favorites.

"Lost at Sea: Trying to find my way home," by Irene O'Brien. A scrappy batik rendition.

A gorgeous hand applique quilt...I can't get the colors quite right in this photo but it was so lovely.

"Carol's Surprise," by Carol Wright Jones, quilted by Deb Hardman.

Can you tell I am a machine quilter? I focused on those quilts at the show.  Here is, "Floridian Compass," from Kay Fiero. The pattern is called "Isabella," by Tony Lischko in Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting, Nov/Dec 2009.

"Asian Influence," a panel quilted by Susan Mirau. I had no idea this was a panel when I was looking at it!

The quilting is so simple but effective!

I'm always drawn to Christmas themed quilts! This is "Here Comes Santa," by Jamie Thompson.  Quilted by Jane Hair.

How about these Santas? This is "Sweet Santa," by Lynnette Motz. Machine appliqued with a buttonhole stitch. It's a Kari Pearson Pattern.

There was also a special display of art quilts made by some of Guild members to commemorate 100 years of Anchorage history. 

Here were a few of my favorites.

"Land Auction - 1915, Did They Imagine?," by Gail Ramsay. I love the modern Anchorage skyline at the top of the quilt and the hand written log of auction winners at the bottom.

"Captain Cook Statue in the Sunset," by Marilyn Barnett.

And...because I know a few Alaskan pilots...
"Lake Hood Mid-1940s," by Jan Wills.

And just for fun...artichokes in the flower beds near the building where the show was held.

I bet the moose don't like artichokes!

Hope you enjoyed the little quilt show.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

loved it thanks for sharing. does this start your 3rd year now in Paris - hope it will be an interesting winter over there for you.

Dawn said...

Yes loved all the fantastic quilts, there certainly are talented people around. Enjoy Paris - always a special city whatever the season