Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Prettiest of All Places

Today I had a play day with my husband in his little SuperCub airplane. I took this photo with my iPhone. (It just amazes me what I can do with a tiny iPhone!)  You are looking at the tallest peak in North America, Mt. McKinley or better known as Denali to Alaskans. According to Wikipedia, Denali means "High One," in Athabaskan. I have previously heard it meant, "Great One," in Athabaskan. (I don't always trust Wikipedia). Athabaskans are a native Alaskan tribe found in southcentral Alaska. The river in view is the Susitna River just outside of one of our favorite towns, Talkeetna. A very beautiful part of the world!

The sun is shining so when I got home I decided to grab a quick photo of my latest quilting project. I pulled it off the frame yesterday because it is time to turn it to finish quilting the final two borders. 

A quick look at the back side. This is a good time to see if I need to add more quilting somewhere.

Next summer one of our little airplane trips will have to be down to Homer where I can get a photo of this quilt in an appropriate setting. Homer is on Katchemak Bay which is a stomping ground for whales, Humpbacks and Orcas. I call this quilt, "Katchemak Baywatch." It makes me sew happy to see it close to being done!

One last photo from today's flight. Talkeetna is known for its "Hippie-ish," residents...or maybe just "non-conformists" like most of Alaska! In the red field is a peace-sign one can only see from the air. 


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

thanks for sharing - love seeing photos of Alaska - today I got to see a moose walk through the campground - after seeing all the moose photos you post it was great to see one - I hadn't seen one in at least 4 years.
The quilt looks great!

Dawn said...

We visited Alaska earlier this year but didn't get up to Denali so it's lovely to see your photo. Again your quilting is such lovely work with beautiful batiks. Really enjoy your work

Lori said...

I enjoyed your photos. I hope to go back to Alaska some day. I think it is the most beautiful place!

Your quilt is also very beautiful.

Donna quilts said...

A great photo of the landscape - so beautiful! Your quilt is also looking great.

Sue Daurio said...

great landscape pictures, love it!! The quiling is just amazing!! Can't wait to see the whole thing completed. LOVE IT!