Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday in the Studio

It always amazes me how quickly these little cross stitch ornaments come together. 

I am defrosting two freezers today. It is convenient to have them in the basement where my sewing studio is...because there is a ton of melting ice I have to soak up with a sponge constantly! I sew a border and sponge a border and sponge up! There is just a tiny bit of ice left.

I have five borders added. Next up is the focus fabric from the star centers. Think I'm going to do a 6" border of that fabric...just have to measure my fabric and verify before I cut.

I still have lots of pieces I mistakenly cut. I am completely out of the white background and light blue mottle batik so I am thinking of taking the remaining pieces and creating a piano key border for the last...and final border. I have done the math and I have enough to just make it happen. Some time with a seam ripper will be required as I had many of the sections joined into long strips. I am not going to waste an inch of fabric due to my failure to read directions accurately!

Ultimately...this lap sized quilt will grow...all on its a queen size. It's just my destiny to make big quilts.


LynCC said...

Heee :) I seem to always be sucked into large quilts, too. I love the accomplishment they represent. That piano key border is going to be super striking on your quilt. Big kudos for turning a mistake into something gorgeous.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

beautiful batiks! I love making large quilts too

Donna quilts said...

I think the piano key border will be great on your quilt. I just love the colors.