Thursday, September 10, 2015

An Ideal Day

I had a great day yesterday. 
Four of the eight green borders are quilted. My machine was so happy to be tension issues! During my practice drawing on plexiglass, I morphed my design through several versions to get to this leaf and flower combo. I still like my original idea but it felt cramped in this particular situation. 

McKinley and I got a great walk in right before my quilting session. Fall is here. Each day the leaves are more brilliant. This is a mountain stream that is a nice hike above our house.

It's not easy to wear out a puppy! Once back home though, Kinley took a nice long puppy nap.

One of my son's came over for dinner so McKinley had someone new keeping her busy. After doing a few clean-up chores before bedtime I couldn't find Kinley. She wasn't in her doggie bed...after a search I found her in the dark living room, sound asleep in an oversized arm chair...on top of a quilt. Too cute...I had to turn on a light and take a picture. She didn't move. It didn't last long. I carried her upstairs to her crate in our was time for me to get some sleep. She does great most nights...sleeping in the crate until about 5:30 a.m.


audrey said...

Your stitching looks wonderful!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

what wonderful fall scenery - that kind of stuff won't be here for another 6-8 weeks!

Donna quilts said...

I really like your flower and leaf motif that you're quilting in the borders.
What an adorable puppy photo - one for the photo album!

Barbara said...

McKinley is so adorable! What kind of dog is she? How big will she get when full grown?

CecileD said...

Your puppy is sooooo cute !! Thank you for the pics !! :)

Rebecca in AK said...

I really like the quilting design on your borders! McKinley sure is sweet! ( you aren't thinking about changing her name now to Denali? lol) Congratulations on the wins at the fair!