Monday, September 7, 2015

Starting a New Week

My morning started with a bath for McKinley. Next time she might be too big to fit in the laundry room sink! She tolerates a bath pretty well.

No quilting...but I did work on fine tuning a border design. Maybe I'll quilt later today. Rain is in the forecast for several days so hopefully I will make good use of bad weather. I'm very messy when drawing a practice pattern! I'll practice more neatly before I begin the real thing.

No rain today but we had three rainy days prior to this morning. I am trying to keep myself on task...organizing the sewing studio. A little project for the last two evenings was to make a new Needlework Journal. I outgrew my last one I started in 2008. I used to note kits as I purchased when I finished I had to try and find my original entry. No more! Now I just write down the projects I complete. I like a spiral bound, hardcover journal. Then I can rip out pages easily if needed.

I also like to make tabs to easily flip to the pages I want to review. I pretty much filled the first 33 pages of the blue section in this notebook with my cross stitch completions...154 ornaments!


I have the red section of 33 pages left for future cross stitch projects. Soon the Ukraine Santa will make it into the journal.

I also keep track of my Bucilla projects in this notebook...the green pages. I just list the kit date of production and my date of completion. 

I finished the front side of all the ornaments for this Nordic Advent Calendar. Time to work on the body of the tree.

 I have finished 45 Bucilla stockings, 12 ornament kits and one other advent calendar. I am already thinking about how I am decorating for Christmas this year...bring it on!!! I have missed having a big Christmas for the last three years.

Just in case you are wondering...I do keep a much more detailed Quilting Journal. I am on my fourth notebook. I use those journals to make notes from start to finish. It is a great way to review what you've accomplished...especially if you give any of your projects away as gifts. It is much too easy to forget about them once they leave your home.


Ramona said...

The journals are a great idea. That's one reason why I started my blog... to keep a log of what I make and when. Your Advent tree is looking great.

CecileD said...

You are a busy lady....
How old is McKinley today ?