Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ready for the Next Step

Happy quilt is officially off the quilting frame and ready for the next step....binding!

Here's a peek at the quilting on a flower block. 

And a peek at the quilting of a border section.

I am spending a little bit of time each evening adding the sequins to the outer edge of the tree...almost halfway around.

A bit of "Alaskana" to share. 

In Alaska...locals have a saying...there are two seasons...Road Construction and Non-Road-Construction. For the past three Road Construction seasons...the main road I drive to and from my house has been getting a major upgrade. I spend a lot of time waiting for pilot cars. Yesterday this was my view...gorgeous!!!

I see lots of animals on my waits...moose, foxes and black bears have decided to make appearances. Yesterday was a first for me...look closely at the car in front of me. There is a pet is a very large CAT!

I must end on a doggy note. Kinley on one of our recent walks She is all legs now!

And I keep forgetting to comment on the recent renaming of Mount McKinley to Denali. It just figures it would happen a couple of months after we named our dog McKinley! Locals almost always refer to the mountain as Denali and our Senators have been trying to get the name officially changed for years but Obama makes it happen by waving his magic pen. Not to get too political here...but I don't really know anyone from Alaska who is unhappy about the name change.  We did consider the name "Denali" but I think the Scottish sound of McKinley is what won us over since Gordon Setters are a Scottish dog breed. We are not changing McKinley's name.

Just a bit of history about how the mountain got named (I researched it before I agreed to name our dog, McKinley). Native Alaskans called the mountain Denali but in 1896, a gold prospector named it McKinley in support of then senator, William McKinley, because he supported the gold standard as the U.S.'s economic system. The name didn't become official until 1917...and I think every since then residents of Alaska had been trying to get it changed to Denali because they never stopped calling it by that name.

We usually call our puppy, "Kinley." It is a cute name for such a cute girl!

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CecileD said...

Your quilting is soooo amazing ! Bravo Debbie !
And thank you for the history of Senator McKinley ;)
I wish you a lovely week-end !