Sunday, December 26, 2010

2010 Quilts in Review Countdown

I keep track of my projects so when I started reviewing what I had accomplished in 2010, I was pleasantly surprised. Today I'm going to start with 2 of my completed quilts that were projects designed around 2 1/2-inch strips. The first pattern came from this book:

There are 17 quilt designs in this book. A lovely book which I expect to use again. 
For this quilt I selected Pandora's Box.

I had 3 Moda scrap bags that contained predominately strips from the "Birdie" fabric line. I bought some border and binding fabric and had a fairly inexpensive quilt in no time!

I'm new to longarm quilting so having very simple tops to practice on is a necessity. 

Next up is a design from the Breakfast Club group that I meet with once a month. It is based on a design provided to our group and also uses 2 1/2-inch strips. The design is titled, 'Stuffed French Toast." I call mine "Beyer Borders" because I pulled from my stash of Jinny Beyer fabrics.

The original design did not call for sashing but I was very frustrated with the lack of good pressing directions in this pattern to make matching the points easier so I add the Beyer's Borders as sashing. It felt great to use this stash of fabrics as I had collected it many years ago. 

I will have more of my quilts to review in the remaining days of 2010...I working up to my favorites!

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