Monday, December 20, 2010

Design Wall Monday

My number one priority today is Christmas cards. This year I have figured out how to send them by email so many folks will be getting them that way. Not as fun as getting a card in the mail but more timely for me since that's always the last holiday chore on my list.

Merry and Chris Moose are almost done. Had to trek out in the snow for twigs to turn into antlers. One needs his arms attached and parka finished.

My design wall holds three stockings in progress. All three are Hearthsewn designs. This designer comes up with a new stocking every year. A key ingredient is a mini stuffed bear that sits on the stocking. I've made at least a dozen of these stockings. I love them! They usually incorporate several techniques: patchwork, paper piecing, hand applique and/or fusible applique. I'm hoping to finish the applique work on the center stocking this week. The two outside stockings need to be hand quilted then it is on to final construction. It takes me about 20 hours to make one of these stockings.

I work on stockings year round. Whenever I lack something to post I will turn to my stocking's my thing. I have at least 70 handmade stockings. Most people urge me to give them as gifts but I have gifting issues because I don't know how many people really appreciate handmade gifts when they are used to buying from discount stores. After all my work I don't want it thrown in a storage box for an eternity. I want them to be enjoyed and the stockings give me great enjoyment hanging on the walls of my sewing room throughout the year.


Karen S said...

I love your moosies! They're just adorable.

Be sure and post pictures of your sweet doggies -- the only thing cuter than a BMD puppy is two BMD puppies!

-from another Berner mom

Vivian said...

So, what do you do with all of your stockings.

I made a few this year for my kids and their sweethearts. Now, before next Christmas, I need to make all of us new monogrammed ones to put up at my house.

Gari in AL said...

Many years ago I machine knitted 26 Christmas stockings (all individualized). At this time I think only two of the gifted ones are being used and my DH has lost our two. So during this coming year I am going to make two more for us, quilted this time. I don't know how fancy they will be but they will be BIG!

Barb in Mi said...

Wow, beautiful stockings! And I love your moose - never seen them anywhere else before. Merry Christmas from Michigan!

Angie in SoCal said...

70 beautiful stockings! That's amazing. Especially like the carousel horse one.