Sunday, December 19, 2010

Merry Moose

Today I'll be working on my Merry Moose ornaments. I took a great class from a local doll maker, Karen Smith  the week before Thanksgiving. I took her concept and made a male moose. He'll have antlers and a hood with real fur trim when I finish him. It's very hard to find tiny prints for their clothes. I will call him Chris Moose. Merry and Chris Moose...pretty darn cute! I didn't get them done in time to gift this season but I am hoping to have a stash prepared to give as gifts when we get out-of-town guest. Most folks visit us in the summer...during the King Salmon fishing season.


Diane said...

Hi Debbie!
Welcome to blogging. Judy's UFO challenge will be good motivation for us all!
I love your Moose's! too cute!

Henrietta said...

Just sitting here wondering what the plural of moose is, obviously not meece, maybe they are like sheep?

Hmmmm. Anyhoo they are ADORABLE, how tall are they?