Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cross Stitch Finish

I finished a little Christmas ornament. This is "Frosty Santa." He is one of three Woodland Santas in a Mill Hill kit yearly series. The designer is Sandy Cozzolino. I covet her Santa designs. Mill Hill releases a new series of ornaments from her every year. I am only three years behind! But that doesn't include the other kits I have of her older releases which I picked up through Ebay that were produced by Janlynn, Bucilla and Astor Place. Collecting these ornaments is an ongoing hobby. These projects are very portable - great for travel.

I sewed my finger on Sunday. Needle straight through my nail and out the other side. Hubby had to get the pliers  to pull it out. Didn't hurt at all. Barely bled. After my husband pulled the needle out I thought I should have gotten a photo for the blog...you probably didn't want to see that. (I did soak it in some ice water immediately and drank two beers.)

Back to Frosty Santa. He is stitched on perforated paper which I will back with green wool felt. He's about five inches tall.

 I suppose you have your Christmas decorations down and put away...I haven't even thought about that...we like the festive lights to stay on a little longer when we are in the peak dark hours of winter. We had a wonderful layer of snow on everything...about 3 feet on the ground. Then we hit a warm spell. It's been above freezing for several days. So frustrating. Now we have a layer of ice on the ground and no snow on the trees. So DARK. It's supposed to get cold and snow again by the weekend. Can't wait!

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Baker_ia said...

oh that is so pretty. I have some kits like that should get them out. Not ornaments for Christmas but fun to do.