Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Free BOMs

There are so many wonderful free Block-of the-Month programs to join. I've printed up instructions before but this year I'm jumping in and doing a few. One that I'm taking on is from Shannon at Pieceful Kwilter. She is using batiks and that was all it took to make it irresistible for me. I've started pulling fabrics from my stash but I think a search for more purples and teal blues is in order...I'd like to do a purple and green quilt.

The fabric on the far right is my inspiration piece.

The second BOM I want to tackle starts's Anne Sutton's from Bunny Hill Designs. I always love her quilts but have never made one. I think it's about time. She is combining patchwork with applique and telling a story about Henrietta Squirrel. So adorable. She is using wool for the applique on cotton blocks. I just might have to try the wool...another first for me since I have issues with combining different fabrics. Cottons stay with cottons, wool stays with wool and batiks stay with batiks. I know...silly me to set up these meaningless parameters.

And there is one more BOM I'm looking at from Nancy Rink Designs. She is commemorating the Civil War. I'm not a fan of reproduction fabrics so I am a little stumped as to what fabric I would use. I might even do one of her previous BOM designs instead but I'll definitely print this one up just in case...

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Tizzie said...

Dear Debbie,

Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting!

I'm so glad you did because I've loved my visit on your blog for a number of reasons! I would have never remembered Bunny Hill for one. I'm so bad about BOMs. I signed up for one this year that I'm paying for so hopefully that will mean I actually do it. I printed all the patterns for Bunny Hill A Tisket a Tasket, but never made any of the blocks.

Good Luck to you with your BOMs!