Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oh My Aching Back

Thanks everyone for the encouraging comments regarding my quilting design. I am almost a 1/3 of the way through the project. One more row and border to do in blue thread then I am switching to a cream color which is most of the heavy quilting. I've spent 7 hours so far at the frame...in little sessions...and of course some of that time was spent picking out some little areas. I'm doing a lot of stopping and starting which will mean lots of thread tails to bury but I felt the need to push myself. 

My quilting world changed when I discovered these little miracle discs...

They really help prevent loops on the backside. Maybe you never have that problem! I don't anymore.
(They slip in the bobbin case and help prevent thread backlash which is what makes those undesirable loops.) I am always amazed at the ideas people come up with for notions. 

I'm trying a new thing with this quilting project...two layers of batting. I've read several blogs where folks have done this and it really helps give the quilting some fullness. It takes a little care when pulling through the frame but I love the results. With the increasing cost of cotton this is not exactly an economical trend if I like it. 

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Jen said...

Debbie, hey we aren't in GA here, nor CA, so our quilts need to be a bit extra warm. Warm and Natural or the likes just doesn't do it for me. Yes, two battings are rather expensive(but look so neat) so I might suggest using 1 batting and backing it with polar fleece....works great for me and I love how it looks on the back too. (:-).