Saturday, January 15, 2011

Favorite Techniques for Quilting

I thought I'd share two of my favorite techniques for machine quilting...

Dry Erase Marker Board to practice quilting designs
I love this idea and use it regularly now in preparation to quilt on my mid-arm. I often go two or three weeks between quilting on my Nolting FunQuilter so a little work on my muscle memory is always in order before I start quilting. I start doodling a quilt design on paper but like to work on the actual size of the quilt. Sometimes I rough out the patchwork design on the board in one color and use a different color marker to work on the quilting design. I almost always wind up doing something different once I'm in behind the machine.

Press'n Seal
Not a great picture...I'll show one in a few days that makes the point better but I'm not there yet. I have done this before and it works great. Draw the quilting design on the Press'n Seal...lay it on the quilt top and quilt on top...pull the "paper" away when done. It works wonderfully!

I'm making progress on the Debbie Caffrey Mystery. I've got the borders added...I went totally simple after trying out some border designs through EQ7. The quilt is for my son Zack and he will use it daily so I decided to keep the borders simple. I ordered a wide backing last night via the internet so I will hopefully get this done before my quilt club meets on Jan. 27th.

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