Friday, January 7, 2011

Reality in Alaska

There are so many reality shows centered around Alaska and there are only so many people in our great state so eventually someone in my family was going to make it on one. My oldest son, John, makes his television debut on Monday.

 That's him on the right. He's only 19! 
He will be on National Geographic's Alaska Wing Men
There are three, one hour episodes running back-to-back that evening. We don't know which episode he is in but I'm thinking it's the one titled, "Deadliest Skies," because he landed a plane on one of Alaska's few highways.

That is a real shot! That's my son landing on a highway with moving traffic...yes, the guy driving the RV was worried! My son did a "Bush Pilot," course for three days while the camera caught the action. I live in a family of pilots, my husband started it all and now both of our sons are pilots. I'm very anxious to see the shows...the piloting world is small and I'm sure there will be others we know in the series. (We love watching all the Alaska reality shows because every so often there is someone we know in one!)

 If National Geographic does a show about the perils of walking dogs in Alaska I'm sure I'll be on that show. For now...back to quilting...not quite as exciting.

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

oh how exciting - I will have to make note to look for it = we get the National Geographic channel. I don't usually watch reality tv, but somehow it is different when it is Alaska - I love the scenery.