Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Computers Cause the Disappearance of Time

Yes...this is true...especially if you dabble in EQ7.
But what fun!
I can work with a pretty close rendition of the fabric by importing a photo image of my fabric selections.
I can create original blocks.
I can print up color samples of my blocks. 

I can print up foundation patterns for paper piecing.

I guess it's saving me time but sometimes it doesn't feel like it.
 I just want to get the point where I can actually sew a test block.
 I've been working on this design for over a month.

Will this be it? I'm feeling very close. Remember it all started with these fabrics. (Of course I've pulled in some new fabrics and pulled out two of these.)

There just aren't enough hours in the day.


LuAnn said...

There are a lot of days that I spend so much time on EQ and blog surfing that I could just get rid of my fabric and yarn! Love your design.

Desley said...

Your quilt design looks fantasic. And I spend way too much time on the PC as well.....