Sunday, June 12, 2011

Green Time

Most of my Saturday was spent outside...dividing perennials. I'm very late getting to it but that's how it goes. Some more of my rock garden plants are starting to bloom.

Creeping a lavender color. It comes in various favorite ones are bright pink but it looks like they didn't survive this winter. They were beautiful for at least five years so I got my money's worth.

Rockfoil with a fern invasion. Ferns...they rarely cooperate. Every time I pull one I think how futile it is to battle a  prehistoric survivor.

This is the best reference book for perennial gardening in my is written for northern Canadian gardeners. You'd expect the extreme cold to affect our choices but it's the extreme swing in daylight hours that seem to limit us the most. Many plants don't have enough time to prepare for winter without getting the cues to shut down before the cold hits. I feel a lot like that too.

Plucking away on my May UFO...hand sewing the binding. Last night I watched "The Illusionist," while working. A good little movie...period romance type. I have the June UFO loaded on the longarm but there isn't a cloud in the sky so looks like there won't be any activity on it today.

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