Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pieceful Times

Finally got to start working on the paper piecing of my next design.

I only have a quarter of the center done but I have confirmed my fabric choices work. Paper piecing really eats up fabric but I  have employed the tricks I have learned from Carol Doak and Judy Neimeyer.

From Carol Doak...the very useful "Add A Quarter" ruler. I also use her paper to print my's like newspaper...very easy to tear and remove at the end.

From Judy Neimeyer...making over-sized templates to aid in cutting pieces from strips with minimal fabric waste. This method also speeds up the cutting process greatly. Sometimes I even manage to get an outside edge on the straight of grain instead of the bias.

I have one suggestion for EQ7 software...maybe for the next version...allow me to write on the templates and the paper piecing patterns. I can only change numbers. I'd love to be able to write the color of fabric for each and do my own numbering system...I find EQ7's is limiting.

There are some new batik Hoffman prints out this summer with more Alaskan themed critters...otters and humpback whales...they are asking to come home with me. Of course I'm not going to refuse them. I'm feeling the need to design a quilt for Homer, Alaska. Just need some fabric with eagles...tons of eagles at Homer (and also Eagle River!).


Lynette said...

I love paper piecing. I'm working on Judy's Glacier Star right now. I need to learn how to make my own cutting templates for my own designs. Is it a headache, or does it turn out to be rather straightforward?

Sand and Sunshine said...

I did paper piecing once, and found the struggle with what size fabric to use an issue, your pictures make the solution very simple, thanks.