Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rainy Day...Quilting Day

I'm so bummed I didn't finish my May is still patiently waiting on Marta for attention. 

And...I woke to rain! I'm so happy. My plants are getting watered! I paid the bills. Gotta do some cleaning and cooking...and then it's time to quilt. Oh yeah...I gotta walk the dogs at some point. Rainy days mean a shorter walk usually. And I'm even a little excited to walk in the rain because I bought a pair of waterproof more soaked jeans like last summer!

I have been using my plexi-glass to work out quilting designs. Samplers can be challenging to quilt. I could take the easy way and do a simple...same...motif in every block but I need to practice my quilting too so I must take the harder path. As a compromise I'm doing a very simple border treatment.

Now what really cracks me up is the UFO for June is May's companion quilt...

Another Moda U quilt made with Holly Taylor batiks called Summer Nights. What can I say...I got a great deal...and I really like these fabrics...they were some of the first batiks I I had to build my batik know how important it is to have a good stash! I still have enough in another colorway to make another quilt! I could buy their batiks by the bolt...but I do have some restraint...or rather...lack of funds at times for more fabric. I am willing to eat less to have more money for fabric. I gotta you can see I have a lot to take care of today.


Desley said...

:) I agree - very important to have a good stash.

Lynette said...

OK. That's it. I'm buying some plexi-glass today!