Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday...Get Quilting Already!

Please Santa...send me more hours in a day!
I was still playing with my plexi-glass to work out block quilting designs yesterday...enough already!

Then I thought I was ready to quilt but it was so difficult to mark lines on an already loaded quilt I took it off and spent a couple of hours last night marking I slow or what?

I want to share my tool conversion...this little tool on the left is traditionally used to mark buttons on a garment...gets them evenly spaced. When I sewed clothing all the time I would say this was one of my most prized tools! It's been so lonely for years...but I have re-purposed it! Enter the newest quilting gadget that helps you mark your quilting rows without math or measuring.

I'm gonna go load the top on Marta right now...maybe I will actually make a pass on it today...keeping my fingers crossed. (I really wish meals could be abolished for a few days...they just get in the way.)


Lynette said...

OK. Another thing you've shown that I now HAVE to get!! ;D Thanks so very much for sharing!!!

Kathy Schwartz said...

I use my Simflex gauge for quilt marking too!! It is definitely a must for any quilter.