Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bucilla Stocking Construction #12

Another video about constructing a Bucilla Christmas stocking is ready...this one covers the fringe stitch.

Dorothy is headless...but not for long.

I finished up another "Village," block...Row Houses. I am going to finish all the house blocks as quickly as possible and then tackle the embroidery work. I don't want to risk loosing momentum with the paper piecing...it would be so difficult to start back up again.


Cathy said...

Your houses look fantastic. And so does your stocking.

Karen L. said...

In the midst of my own move, I have been trying to keep up with your blog. So today I was reminded of you because I visited a Lowe's Home Improvement store in NC and bumped into a woman walking her Burmese Mountain dog. She said he was 9 months old and was going to be a bit small for his breed. He had a beautiful glossy, curly coat and wanted to say hello to everyone. What a handsome and happy dog!!! I was glad to see that your "former" dogs were doing well in their new home. I know it was hard to give them up.