Friday, January 11, 2013

Firsts on a Friday

Lots of little things today that are a first for me since arriving. 

While my friend Sandy was here she showed me how to use "FaceTime," with my iPhone. Wow...great way to avoid international charges when calling my kids plus we can see each other at the same time.  I noticed the program is even on my new Mac Pro. I called Zack this morning to try it worked so well. I love living during the internet age!

Today I also figured out how to rent U.S. movies while in Paris. Netflix is blocked in France...I didn't know that and was counting on being able to use it here. Today I rented a movie from ITunes!!! And of course it was...

Moulin Rouge. One of my favorite movies. I love listening to musicals when I am sewing.

And that leads me to the biggest first for this Friday.

I finally had all the power cords and adapters to turn on my Bernina! I am really going to sew something. Really!

To celebrate I had a handful of my most favorite discovery in the local grocery store.

Dark Chocolate Peanut M & Ms. If these are not available in the U.S. please let me know now so I can start hoarding a stash to take back with me!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I have never noticed dark chocolate m&m's here - I will be on the look out.
Great to figure out how to watch English movies and telephoning your kids without extra charges.
Little by little things are coming together for you - great that you have the sewing machine up and running now - back to the routine in a way!

LynCC said...

oh!! I have to look for those M&Ms now! So glad you have all the techy stuff you need to be able to sew now. :)