Saturday, January 26, 2013

Doesn't Make Sense

Today was market day. I bought my four-day supply of veggies, fruit, cheese and some prepared meats. But...stocking the kitchen shelves always requires several stops. I also had to hit the bakery for my traditional baguette. Turns out bakeries here have strict government rules for ingredients in the traditional French baguette plus they are price controlled. It is $1 euro...pretty cheap. But you have to buy one every day because there are no preservatives...they are stale within hours of buying them.'s an everyday event to buy a baguette. We don't mind...they are in such demand that they are often fresh out the oven and still warm no matter what time of the day we stop at our neighborhood bakery.

I finally had an excuse to hit the craft shop on my way to the health food store. (The only place I can find regular oats is the health food store.) I needed a skien of DMC floss...any guess how much it cost? $1.70 euro...$2.21 US for one! 

Now here is the truly shocking part...DMC floss is made in France. THIS DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE!!!! Why is it SIX times more expensive here than the US?  If you would like to win a trip from DMC to Paris and tour their is your chance. Check out the DMC website for the ends January 30th. 

What a challenge to be a crafter in Europe at these steep prices. Let me know if you win and we'll get together for some great site seeing. Plus I  will need to give you a list of things to bring over to me...I'll reimburse you and even buy you a baguette.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

LOL - prices are so weird! I agree I do not know how quilters and other crafters buy much at the prices - maybe it is time to get into scrap quilting?

Béa said...

You should choose leavened bread "pain au levain", who is better at taste & for health and to keep very much .Sorry for my bad english :(