Thursday, January 24, 2013

Paris Quilt Shop Visit

Why are there no photos? This shop is the size of my master bedroom closet in Alaska...pretty darn small. And it was dark. Here's a link to the shop's website...Le looked promising from the website. None of the photos on the web are from this shop. They had ancient Marcus Brothers fabrics....very traditional for $13 Euros a meter...$17.32 in US dollars. And some slightly newer Marcu Brothers fabrics for $19 Euros a meter... $25.37 in US dollars. The upside is the gal tending the shop spoke perfect American English. I was in search of a tape measure. She didn't have one but she sent me to a shop a few blocks away that did. I should have taken a photo there...adorable sewing shop geared toward fabric for children's clothing. I did get my metric tape measure and a little French lesson...I did try to navigate using my pathetic French speaking skills.

My husband is on a trip without Memphis...I don't want to go there. I am totally immersing myself in my Paris sewing is great! I finished the Downtown Abby series...I was able to download it through I have every episode of the current season available at any time. Nice!

I also just got an Amazon order with some new DVDs. Years ago I read Ken Follet's "Pillars of the Earth" and "World Without End," which were made into mini-series. I watched the first episode last far it follows the first book beautifully. 

Working on kits is such a challenge...

I thought the instructions said the "green" finished squares measured 3 3/4" before being sewn together meant after sewn so I trimmed them to that measurement...leaving me short 4" for the required size. A stupid mistake on my  part. Good thing there are two smaller borders that go around the "center green" before the houses are added. Those borders will now be bigger.

The paper-pieced houses are coming along...

I'm very unhappy with the fabric choices for the windows and doors...there is not enough contrast. Remember...I do not have access to any fabrics other than the ones in this kit.  I can fix the windows with the fabric I have....I think the door will get some embroidery to outline it. I sure hope the rest of the houses have better fabric selections.

 My Bucilla project is coming out lovely...which is why I am so addicted to these kits. I've almost got the Scarecrow done.

Our next trip is to London...anyone have any input on sightseeing? I am planning on doing two or three shows...however many I can coerce my husband to attend.  "Wicked," has been at the top of my list for 10 years. Not much comes to Anchorage from Broadway so this is a great opportunity for me! 


LynCC said...

That's a bummer about the quilt shop. Pretty crazy with those prices, eh?

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

weird how the shop wasn't what was pictured on their web site! I have heard about the European fabric prices and they are crazy!! I was hoping though that we would get some reviews of fabric shops so thanks for that.
Next trip to London - you must see the palace of course and Big Ben - there are so many things of course to see I'm sure it will be a hard choice - it is close enough to you though that I bet in the 5 years you are in Paris you will have a chance to go several times.

Cathy said...

Wow!! Those prices!!They are even worse than Canada's.In London I'd be wanting to see some of the historic cathedrals. Some of them have some of the kings and queens buried there, along with effigies on their tombs. And then there are the mosaics on the floors.

Luann said...

I have a cousin that lives in London. We send packages a lot because she's a quilter. When back in the states, she loads up on threads, yarns, fabrics and such. The prices are horrendous.

Beatrice said...

Hi, have you tried the other Parisian quilt shop? It's called Ines Patchwork, 37 rue Saint Ambroise, 75011 Paris Metro Saint Maur or Saint Ambroise. Still expensive but more choice than Le Rouvray, I'd say.
Beatrice (from France!)

Beatrice said...

Hello again,
you might want to check that website for quilt shops in Europe.