Friday, January 11, 2013

Dog Update

Jenny and Tonka's new mom says they are all doing great! On Christmas morning, Tonka ripped open his presents...remember those photos I posted of him "opening" mail packages for me unexpectedly? Jenny just snuggled in her mom's lap and waited for the presents to be opened for her...that's the princess I raised! Great to see how happy they are, in their scarves with their smiling faces.

I have finally gotten my morning latté routine down. This will cut back on my visits to Starbucks...more money for stocking kits! It was easy to get the espresso maker for the cooktop...they are readily available...but the frothing device was a major search. I found the glass Melior beaker in Germany...looked everywhere in Paris for it but no luck...I don't know can get a cappuccino in every restaurant so why not in your home?

Other obstacle...figuring out the milk with my lack of French language skills. The first milk I bought was sour and it was sold that way on purpose! A little Google research and I realized my ignorance. Most milk is sold as a canned good (not refrigerated) and after trying it...I like it! I would love to have some of this for my pantry shelves in more worrying about running out of milk.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

wow really - sour milk - I had never heard of that. I am seeing more milk sold in the canned aisles of the store now though in cardboard sealed cartons with expiration dates for months down the road. I use almond milk (more calcium)so that is the way I had been buying it until the last year or so when it started to be sold in the refrigerated section also.

mlcquilts said...

So glad to see the dogs. They do look happy. We made several trips to
Germany in a Scout exchange and we learned that they bought milk in cardboard cartons that stayed in the cabinet. Refrigerators were little. Something was done to the milk so it wouldn't spoil. Sounds like you have the latte routine good. Enjoy

Sand and Sunshine said...

Your morning cup looks so yummy. What an ordeal you went through to get it. Interesting about the milk, never would have guessed.