Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Neighborhood

When my friends were here to visit...they introduced me to the travel guide about Paris by Rick Steves. It is now downloaded on my Kindle. We used the guide to pick a place to eat their first night here after our Musée Rodin outing. We tried a great little bistro within 15 minutes of the apartment. It is on a sweet street with many other great restaurants, Rue Cler.  

There is a market atmosphere on this street.

I need to hit this place in daylight. I was worried about the location because it is pretty close to the Eiffel Tower...sometimes the touristy places run a bit expensive...but this street is tucked a little off the beaten path so maybe that's why it doesn't have the usual gouging prices. Every place we went on the street had an English menu and all the waiters spoke excellent English. There is an American University in this area so I suspect the student population has a little to do with the slant toward Americans.

Here I am with my BFF, Sandy.

After dinner we headed to a Häagen Das Ice Cream store (it's right by the Starbucks).  My friend is an interior designer so we did some window shopping on the way.

And a bakery window...Sandy usually makes a Yule Log...Bûche de Noël in French.

The lovely florist...

And I like to start every visitor to our apartment off right with a walk by the Eiffel Tower on their first night.

The light show at the top of the hour...the clouds were not cooperating for photos.

And one more picture that I just adore...Sandy's daughter, Erin and my son Zack. Both 18. They spent  almost every day of the first two years of their lives together...then our husband's jobs took us to opposite ends of the country.

Day one completed. Zack headed back to Alaska the next morning. It then became a girls trip.


Lynette said...

Love those chairs! lol :)

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

beautiful! it must be so nice exploring such a city and such a contrast to where you normally live - it must make it very interesting. It must have been so nice having your son visit