Monday, October 6, 2014

Moose In Paris

No....that is not the new name for my blog.

I actually saw two moose in Paris on my second day back in the city. Only managed to get a photo of one of them.

I am so happy to already have visitors to enjoy exploring the city. Yesterday we started out going to the Louvre but since it is one of the rare museums open on Mondays it was horribly crowded so we made a wise choice and decided to find a luncheon spot. It was not easy since it was already 2 p.m. and most restaurants close between 2:30 and 7 p.m. After asking for a recommendation at a wine bar (more about that place in a minute), we made our way to a fabulous spot call Loup which means wolf in French. I'm adding a link to their website,  Loup, just so I can find it again. Lots of meaty dishes. We started out with the house foie gras, duck liver. Served with toasted bread, confit of figs and confit of onions.

Then onto the main meal. My friend Mike got the beef know...that raw food stuff. (Left side of the photo.) I did try a bite (I was on my second glass of wine so I was more adventurous than usual.) Not going to ever order beef tartare.

My other guest, Judy, had one of the specials with me, a roasted pork rib steak with roasted potatoes. Delicious! The sauce was so good...we had to get every drop of it.

I'm going in reverse order...before this lovely restaurant find we stopped for a refreshment at a wine bar, Les Fines Gueules. The intriguing old architecture is what pulled us in. The weather was a little gloomy so hard to get a great photo.

This building is just four years away from being 400 years old! We each had a glass of wine and a tapas of sliced ham (like prosciutto) and sliced sausage. Failed to get a photo...we ate very quickly. It was $18 euros for our little stop...very reasonable by Paris standards. I definitely need to take people here again!

Tiny interior...very hard to get a good photo. The three of us sat at the bar which left very little room for anyone else to move around in the restaurant. 

It was a great outing until we started walking home. What started out as a sprinkle turned into a downpour. That will teach me to leave the apartment without my umbrella...this is Paris after all.

One bit of needlework to share. On the flight to Paris I finished another cross stitch ornament, Joyeux Noel Santa, a French Santa...rather appropriate!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

love that gigantic moose - I do not touch raw meat or fish and see no appeal in eating raw. Have fun on your long, long Paris trip and dream of Alaska - I'm sure you will have fun with all the visitors you will have this year - get it all in while you can

Cathy said...

How much fun is that, to see moose in Paris, of all places! I'm with you...... no raw meet stuff for me, whether it be steak tartar or sushi. Just makes me shudder thinking about it. Sounds like you're off to a great start to your sojourn in Paris.

Donna quilts said...

Glad to see that you've arrived in Paris safely and are already exploring new places there. What beautiful old buildings!

Bonnie Melielo said...

yay for food pics!! I noticed the cut crystal wine glasses. Is this typical for France? We never see them in Italy. Fun way to start off this year in Paris, visit with friends. Miss you!!