Friday, March 18, 2011

Dr. Evil Stole My Mojo

Heather is still racing her team to Nome...and I seem to be encountering one obstacle after another when it comes to finishing my quilt!

 First and foremost...I'm not happy with the threads I have on hand...if you are a machine quilter you know how expensive it is to buy a cone of thread...I try to be frugal...really. In my early planning I figured I would use two colors, a light and a medium-to-dark. I ordered two threads that were light because I wasn't sure which one would work. I thought I would go with a medium-to-dark variegated thread which I already had but as I look at my completed top I just have to go darker and I don't have it. 

Can't go to Target and buy it...gotta order it...lucky if I get it next week.

There is one more obstacle...I have not hit on my mojo for quilt designs...totally stumped on some key areas. Intense doodling will hopefully bring some inspiration.

 I think it's time to catch up on some BOMs (Block of the Month)...I'm a couple of months behind on Henrietta Whiskers and there is the Shivery Snowman series I started many years ago. 

I really am disappointed the Iditarod is going to end before I'm done :(

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