Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Through the Woods

I'm just squeaking in a post today. Lots of sewing but nothing very new to show. It's time to start adding my borders...which means cutting this fabric...

My musher, Heather, is still hanging in there. She has made it through the worst terrain of the race. She started with 16 dogs and is now down to 12. Two of her dogs have already been flown back to Anchorage...they are all okay. Vets are at every check point to look at every dog. These dogs are incredible can't believe how little they are! There are many reasons mushers drop dogs during the race and mostly it's the result on an injury but sometimes they don't get along or have the right know...pack mentality is pretty important. It's all very interesting.

All mushers are required to take one, 24-hour rest period and one, 8-hour rest period. Otherwise they are just grabbing a few hours here and there. Many of the lead mushers are taking one of their major rest periods now...but they aren't staying at the Hilton. The dogs bed down on some straw and the mushers pull up a sleeping bag beside them...on top of the snow covered ground. No tents. Heather is one tough chick! I can't quite get comfortable on my cushy mattress and three firm pillows with my quilts on top of me. 

Speaking of my cushy's calling me.

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