Thursday, March 10, 2011

Much Needed Rest

My musher, Heather Siirtola, is taking her 24-hour rest in McGrath...the luxury layover spot for Iditarod mushers. She can use a coin-operated shower and sleep in a real bed. The town also has a cook on hand to fix her a hot meal any hour of the day and a steaming kettle of hot water available around the clock for fixing dog food. She has completed 401 miles with 730 more to finish the race. 

I'm feeling very crunched for time at this point. Will my family understand if I stop cooking and cleaning for several days to finish my quilt? Will Forrest and Jenny skip their daily walk to give me more time? I'm thinking the cleaning would be the only thing everyone would agree to give up and that's the one that would bother me the most!

I cut my main border fabric this morning.

I still have to work out the inner border...but first...Jazzercise. I never compromise my workout schedule.

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