Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Day in Mainz, Germany

My morning started out so great! I was making a quick video from the hotel room...

...as soon as I tuned off my camera I spotted a Bernese Mountain Dog. She was actually in the tail end of the video but I didn't notice her right then.

I was still in my bath robe or else I would have raced outside to pet her...probably just as well...I would have undoubtably terrified her owner. 

I found the Starbucks back at the train station...and then almost got lost trying to find my way back to the hotel. I definitely can use extra exercise after last night's meal so no biggie. I regrouped at the hotel and got a city walking map. Today there was a farmer's market in the shopping area by the Mainz Cathedral. There were several booths with Christmas greenery. Check out the mistletoe sprigs hanging from the top of the booth. I saw lots of people walking around with their mistletoe.

Tomorrow a Christmas market opens...of course we will be heading back to Paris so we are saving lots of money by leaving tomorrow. Near the Mainz Cathedral there are small, boutique type shops to visit.

Here's the lovely Mainz Cathedral...perhaps more about that later. I just found out we are supposed to do a tour of the church later today as part of my husband's business meeting.

I was in search of Christmas ornaments...something special from Germany. I just didn't find any...darn that market for not opening today! But I did find an unexpected surprise...check it out.

The doll kit came with me...

I just didn't want to regret passing it up. The instructions do come in English.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

wow- I had heard of course as we all have that fabric cost a fortune in Europe but to actually see you check it out brings reality to it!! it sure looks pretty though. Imagine having a department store with a floor of crafting - something you don't see here usually. love that kit that you did get.
Thanks for taking the time to video these scenes it really brings it closer to us if you know what I mean.
Have fun at the cathedral tour.

Cathy said...

Hokey smokes! $29.00 a meter!! I guess I need to stop complaining about the prices in Canada. The worst I've seen here is $21.00. The videos are fun, and the little doll is really cute.

Bonnie Melielo said...

The angel doll is a great keepsake!! What a fun discovery-something German for Christmas that you can make! Would have wanted to buy up the whole greenery stand and haul it home with me!! So fun!

Sand and Sunshine said...

How have I missed all these posts! Note to self, never get sick again! :-)