Thursday, November 22, 2012

Paris Thanksgiving

This morning on my walk to Starbucks I noticed Christmas trees were out at all the florist shops I walked by...they weren't there two days ago. (The trees were no bigger than this...maybe the bigger ones come out later. I will see!) Luckily I found this beautiful tree at my nearest florist which is just a block from our was heavy to carry home so I am glad the closest shop to me had the one I wanted. The copper pot was in the apartment holding another plant. The shop owner spoke English and she wished me a good Thanksgiving. 

Later today I will go into work with my husband and enjoy a catered Thanksgiving dinner. My husband was looking for a sports bar that might have some American football...doesn't really interest me but I suppose it is an opportunity to run into other Americans.

Speaking of talking with other Americans...I spoke with a gal at Starbucks this morning from California here for the week to attend a conference. I had not had my caffeine yet so I wasn't the most talkative but it was enjoyable to have a brief conversation. I would say about a quarter of the people at Starbucks are Americans. And yes...I took my latte to go and drank it while I walked home and browsed the florists.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

the sportsbar sounds fun if you go. Sooner or later you will probably like to have some American's to talk to. The little corner of the apartment with the little christmas tree looks inviting. Did you bring some of your holiday decorations with you.

LynCC said...

How nice of her to wish you Happy Thanksgiving. :D Right now, as I hustle around juggling dishes, I'm thinking a catered feast would be so very nice. . Have fun!