Monday, November 19, 2012

My New World

Somehow the days go by so quickly. I have been trying to go for a daily walk that is about getting good exercise...along with some site seeing. Saturday I decided to walk to the Eiffel Tower. As I got closer I could see colorful objects at the base of the tower. I had stumbled onto the last two days of the "Buddy Bear Tour."

Here's a shot of the bear representing the US of A...not too hard to figure out which one it was. He is "Liberty."

The Canadian bear was much harder to figure out...I had to  look at the maps on their bases but it's missing on my picture because I went back today and the bears were starting to be removed.

He looks like he is pixilating. 
No info on the website about the artist's concept. If you want to check out other bears here's the link, Buddy Bears.
Here's the official press release.


12th October – 18th November 2012 Champ de Mars (Eiffel Tower)
To mark two occasions – 25 years of town twinning between Paris and Berlin and the “50th anniversary of the Élysée Treaty“ – the United Buddy Bears will be visiting the Champ de Mars for 5½ weeks. The exhibition in Paris underlines the good relationship between France and Germany and between the two cities Paris and Berlin.
The unique United Buddy Bears project features 140 bear sculptures representing as many countries recognised by the United Nations. Standing together hand in hand, the 2m tall bears promote tolerance and living together in peace.

Check out the bear in the he's from Ireland.

I've been here just over a week. It's going well...I don't think I know anymore French yet but I have started watching French TV because the only English-speaking channels we get are news or business. Every now and then a movie will be on a local channel in English...very hit and miss. Saturday night is France's Dancing with the Stars. It's fun to watch...and I don't need to know the language to understand any of it.

Our apartment can be a little noisy at night...especially on weekends. Although we live right by an above ground subway and a main street for traffic that noise is not even noticeable. It's the shouting people do at the strangest times. The down side of city living.

The major upside is the convenience of everything. Saturday we went to the local market two blocks from our apartment. I was a little tired from the noisy night but can see if I really get my act together I can efficiently get most meals for the week covered in that shopping trip. We bought some Eggplant Casserole already prepared for our dinner that was delicious and we plan to make that a weekly purchase. I promise I'll get a video made one of these days. I have to be there as soon as the market opens to video because it gets so crowded.

I have one major wish...I wish the Starbucks was closer to our apartment. It's an easy 15 minute walk but the French do not drink on the go...carrying my latte home is a dead give away I am an American. The French sit and sip slowly...enjoying their latte's completely. Hard for me to slow down sometimes...caffeine is supposed to get you going. I guess I should take my Kindle with me next time... 


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I love hearing of your new life - keep the posts coming :) I will be living variously though you.
As far as the noise in the evening - you are so used to life on the edge of town in a big house aren't you? city noises will be so much to get used to I would think.
Is your husband working with any other American's that you will be able to get to know and through them maybe some quilting friends?

LynCC said...

Those bears are really fun. Makes me think of the painted horses down in Florida. :)

Cathy said...

What a great concept with the bears... quite a lot of fun to look at. Thanks for showing the Canadian one. I wonder what the designer was thinking...... a pixelated Canada? Have fun exploring. It's fun to see here what you come across.