Monday, May 20, 2013

A Tale of Two Sewing Rooms

Way back in January, my husband and I were in Paris. We got a phone call from one of our son's while in the middle of one of our French lessons. The septic system of our brand new Alaska house had backed-up into our basement. The basement is all about my sewing room. Open sewage in my studio...I was extremely upset. Professional cleaners were hired.

Sometimes I don't like our new house. Actually...lots of times I don't like our new house. It is lots of work for me and continues to be lots of work.

The good news is the problem with the septic system seems to be resolved. Of course there is a lot more to the story but who really cares? It's just too nasty to talk about. 

Before I left for Paris last October, I put everything in my studio on wheels or in plastic totes. I've lived in Alaska enough years to have heard a few horror stories about water in basements. Nothing was harmed in our basement. The sewage was actually mostly confined to the small bathroom in the basement. But the cleaners moved everything in my include my longarm. 

Sorry for the long rant.

So my first order of business on arriving in Alaska two weeks ago was to set up my studio, which is also my office. It's in good enough shape to start using...but there are always unexpected delays.

I keep trying to work on quilting projects...but I can't find anything . I don't seem to have a rotary cutter. How can that be? Why did I just figure this out today? I was just at JoAnn's yesterday!!! It is impossible to work on a quilting project without a rotary cutter. Tomorrow I meet one of my son's for lunch in Anchorage...yes..I'll be stopping at JoAnn's...again!!! I hope I remember that darn coupon for 40% off one item this time!

At least the view from my sewing studio is spectacular today.

Here's what I bought yesterday at JoAnn's.

A fortune in DMC floss if I had been paying Paris prices. And look...disappearing markers come in hot pink now as well as purple...sweet!

I guess I'll go work on staining some closet shelves since I can't work on quilting projects.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I hope you find all of your quilting supplies soon - I think you might have it figured out now what you need to bring with you to Paris next time - lots of floss!

Jan Marie said...

that is so frustrating when you go to do something and it isn't where it is supposed to be. Good Luck.

kellsgal said...

Debbie, So sorry about the problems in your new house. You can get your Joann's coupons on your phone, if you forget your paper ones. Hope you get to sew soon.