Thursday, May 16, 2013

Batiki Argyle Show and Tell

I feel like a new mom! I have pictures of Batiki Argyle made by other quilters! 

Quick review...Batiki Argyle is a free pattern on my blog...look at the top right for free patterns. I hope to add more patterns to this section of my blog but living between two continents has slowed down some of my plans.

Back to Show and Tell! 
This is Michelle's version. She's a machine quilter and, lucky for us, she's also a blogger. Check out Michelle's posting about her work on Batiki Argyle at mmm quilts .

I love Michelle's quilt! It's batiks! I love her border fabric...and now I have some ideas on how to quilt my top. Michelle also added a row to make the quilt bed-sized. I want to make this pattern again and I think I will follow Michelle's idea.

Michelle just quilted a second Batiki Argyle made by her friend, Gail. Here's Michelle's posting about quilting this top.  Gail's Batiki Argyle

Gail's batiks are right in my comfort zone! What I love about her version is the darker background color she used. I have to try that too!

My favorite batik manufactures are Hoffman and Kaufman so I check their websites often to see what new batiks they are releasing. Hoffman has just released a set called "Batik Argyle." Parfait! 

The "traditional quilter," in me likes to pick a border fabric and pull colors for the quilt from that. But wait...there is a second colorway.

Alaska quilt shops can be a month behind "lower-48" quilt shops in getting the latest fabrics so I haven't seen these yet except via the internet. I'm pretty sure these fabrics will be traveling to my Alaska studio. I have some other border ideas floating in my head I might try, too.


Michelle said...

Those would be totally fun borders for this quilt Debbie.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

those are very pretty - I love batiks too but I don't seem to have many in my stash right now other than a bit of fat quarters and a little of others. I didn't realize you had a free pattern - I guess I just didn't notice :) will correct that now.

Donna quilts said...

I hadn't noticed the free pattern either. I was always just looking at the great photos you posted! I do like this pattern and I think it would great in non-batiks as well.