Saturday, May 18, 2013

I Think It's My Fault...

This is what I woke up to on May 18th in Eagle River, Alaska. Over six inches of new snow on the ground on May 18th is not "normal" .... even in Eagle River, Alaska. It's official. We broke a weather record in Alaska. This is the longest winter on record. So why would this be my fault? Europe broke the record for the longest winter in 130 years...this first winter in Europe. Seems to be a pattern.

I am embracing the Christmas-like atmosphere. I opened a box of my cross-stitched ornaments. I have a few obsessions...making Sandra Cozzolino santa ornaments is one of them.

I pulled these out to review how closely I trimmed the green felt I put on the back of the finished ornaments.

Happily, I have 18 ornaments to add backing to and 12 of those are done.

Hopefully you can't tell this felt is stitched to the ornament. I used to glue on the backing as recommended by the pattern but I have a real aversion to has a tendency to stop adhering with the passing of time. I'm old enough to have seen this for myself. 

Did I mention the roads are horrible? I think all the plowing trucks for the city have already removed the plows so they could work on summer road construction projects. I'm pretty much stuck at the house.

So...fumbling around in my studio I found this stocking top I never finished adding the backing. Might be a good day to make a new YouTube video about that process.

I also finally got my order of the latest Bucilla stocking and ornament designs.

But I'd really rather be inspired by tropical colors. My first quilting-related purchase once back in Alaska was the book by Kim Brackett that was released while I was in Paris. I love all her books...including the newest one. I just pulled all this from my stash. I haven't been able to pick which pattern I'm going to make...I have plenty to work on for now.

It's still snowing...


Cathy said...

Alaska and Europe aren't the only ones breaking records for the longest winter. It's the same here in Southern Ontario. We broke a record last weekend for the latest frost in the year, and it was ice pelleting as well.It sure doesn't feel like spring. And I love your ornaments, and your fabrics and the stockings. The background batik looks very Christmassy... perfect for snowey weather, even in May.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

Oh my goodness - looks like Christmas in May - you have had it rough, such a long European winter as you say too. It sure looks pretty though and seeing as you weren't home to see the snow on your new house this past winter now you have :) hope it won't last long!

Donna quilts said...

I had to laugh when I read your post. If it was November, we'd be excited to see the pretty snow scenery that would put us into the Christmas spirit. Anxious to see which pattern you'll choose for those beautiful batiks.

Anonymous said...

I just read that you sew the felt backing onto your perforated paper Santa's, how do you do that? Do you stitch every hole on the outside all the way around? And what color of thread do you use so you don't see it? Zoomed in for closer look at yours, very good you can't really see the back stitch