Monday, May 27, 2013

Bearly a Smile

Last night...10 p.m.
I was standing on our deck and got this pic. 
He was close enough to talk to.
He looks friendly. 
He didn't like the sound of my clicking camera, so he left.

Yes, I do look both ways before opening a door to go outside.
 Yes, bears know how to open doors.
Yes, I do keep my doors and windows on the ground level locked most of the time. 

How appropriate...I quilted on my Nolting yesterday...this quilt.

Apparently my Nolting enjoyed it's 21 month sabbatical. Her stitch was perfect with only one tension adjustment. I was so amazed and thankful. Unfortunately, my muscle memory has atrophied when it comes to free-handing quilt designs. All I did yesterday was meander...which in this case will be called a camouflage quilt stitch.

I am so happy to say...I'll be putting binding on this quilt today! I haven't done that in 21 months either.


Donna quilts said...

My goodness that bear has a very cute face! Glad you had a trouble free and enjoyable quilting session.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

they can open doors! didn't realize they could do that! I guess people must be very careful of letting their children play outside - we ran wild as children but we didn't have bears to watch for in our part of farm country Wisconsin.