Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bearly Awake

I think we are getting used to each other! He came for a visit this morning. He's been eating the wild grass in my yard. I guess I don't look too tasty. So far he leaves when he hears my clicking camera...not very quickly though. 

My sons and I have been discussing names for him...or maybe her.

It is finally summer in Alaska. We are having weather our tourist bureau would be proud of. Temps in the low seventies and tons of sunshine. Perfection. We are all trying to catch up on our vitamin D deficiency.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

yes I guess a lot of people in Alaska must have to pop Vit D pills for a good part of the year huh. Good shot of the bear - guess they are glad to have you home!

Caroline Ingalls said...

My 14 years old son is reading "Game of thrones" the motto of one family in the book is "Winter is coming" it's actually what I say each morning when I open the shutters.... I went to the Rouvray, Ines and a cross stitch hexhibit yesterday with winter coat and umbrella!!!
Enjoy you summer home!