Wednesday, May 22, 2013

It's a Small World...Especially in Alaska

When I left the nest about thirty years ago...I never imagined I would wind up living in Alaska (or Paris!). Alaska's popularity as a place for shows on the Discovery Channel just doesn't end! And we often know people on these shows. Several years ago my oldest son was on an episode about Alaska bush pilots. We know a couple of the troopers who have been on, "Alaska State Troopers." And of course...we know some of the pilots on the aviation shows. 

But the latest star on a new show about Alaska is Marty Raney...a man of many vocations. He did the rock work on our is spectacular.

Double sided...

Marty is a singer and song writer. I missed this episode while in Paris but one of my sons shared this with me...Marty singing on an episode of "Idiot Aboard." 

In case you want to sing are the lyrics.

I really caribou you
I'm a loon when you're a whale
It's hard for me to bear, because I love you so deer
I really caribou you
You're salmon special to me
You give porpoise to my life
I dolphin thinking of you. I wolf forget I love you
You're salmon special to me

Now there is a new Alaska-themed show on the Discovery Channel and Marty is on it. Sunday evenings, "Ultimate Survival: Alaska." I'm enjoying it. Marty is very entertaining. Here's a link to Marty's Profile on the show...eight more episodes to go. I have never seen Marty without his hat or white buttoned-down shirt. 

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I watch some of the Alaska shows but I usually forget about it and don't watch much in the summer. I saw some of the bush pilots and the troopers. My daughters family likes one that is about semi-drivers driving over ice covered roads and I guess some of them aren't even roads when the thaw comes.