Sunday, May 26, 2013

Bearly Noticed

Finally...not one bear sighting yesterday...but two!

We saw this little chubby looking bear about 7 p.m.

Then at 11 p.m., as I was closing a window on my way up to bed, I saw a bigger black bear in my neighbor's yard.

It was dusk so very hard to get a photo in focus. It was enjoying munching on some grass. 

This is what's going on today in Paris near our apartment.

Over 200,000 protesting the passage of gay marriage and adoption. Hubby says it is very noisy at our apartment which is about a third of a mile away.

I'm happy to be in Alaska. Yesterday I loaded a quilt...I am planning to turn on my Notling Fun Quilter, Marta, and see if my muscle memory will kick in.

I basted my dresdan plates to their backgrounds. Now I am playing in EQ 7 for a layout. A backwards approach to quilt design!

Here's my current favorite design...about my 40th version.

I want to add something...isn't that always the case when working with EQ?


Cathy said...

Wow! That sure is a contrast between neighbourhoods, one surrounded by trees and nature, and the other by people. I can see why you are glad to be in Alaska right now, rather than Paris. And I LOVE the setting you've got there for your Dresdens! It's gorgeous, and would be worth the labour of making more points.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

Although there is a lot I would like to see in Paris and France in general I think I would prefer Alaska - although you must have to look first at times before you go out the door huh - what about screen doors and such windows open that are low to the ground - do you have them or avoid them? Nice bear sightings.