Saturday, May 28, 2011

Going Green

Glorious weather...sometimes May is the best weather of the year so I can't be wasting it! Very little time for's time to bond with plants. Just a few darlings left to get potted...

The parade of blooming perennials is just starting.

Trollius...yummy butter color.

Bergenia...typically a shade lover but I've had her in full sun for ten years...she loves it there...front and center in my perennial garden.

Rose of China...shrub that is one of the few spectacular early bloomers in our's just starting to burst. I really had to baby this plant for a couple years but now she is so happy.

And my absolute favorite...a rock garden plant...Spring Cinquefoil or  Potentilla Verna. I subdivide this plant grows in a lovely mounding habit...great for edging a border. We are starting to build a home and I plan to dig up several of these and take them to our new home...I'll have our acre lot full in no time. It's one of the few plants moose leave alone.

Time to rake leaves in the back hostas are poking their little heads out too...

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